About Me

Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from American University in Washington, DC.

A few of my interests: urban studies (especially gentrification, space-making, and right to the city), women’s studies, immigrant studies, food, development, informality (food trucks, the drug economy, more), and international development. Jane Jacobs, David Harvey, Neil Smith, and Sudhir Venkatesh are a few of my heroes.

My dissertation on placemaking and immigrant entrepreneurs.

I teach/have taught:
ANTH 215 Sex, Gender, and Culture
ANTH 140 Anthropology of Life in the U.S.
AMST 140 Washington, DC: Life In a Monument

I am also a freelance writer and editor. Occasionally, I am quoted in things 🙂

I enjoy verbal tomfoolery and crossword puzzles (am actually fanatical about those), vegan cookifyings, arts’n’crafts, making kombucha, fermenting/fomenting, and general subversiveness.

Songs that probably best describe my ethos: Slick Rick “Hey, Young World” and Fleetwood Mac “Sarah.” Find the poet in your heart. Never change and don’t you ever stop, Ponygirl 🙂

Don’t challenge me to a hip hop lyric quoting contest because you *will* lose.

I came to the United States from Bulgaria when I was 12–28 years ago (yes, I just dated myself). Like your typical transplant, I am a girl without a home. Still on my “geography of self” journey, sans Don Quixotian flights of fancy.

Drop me a note. Say hi. I would like that.

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