About Me

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Anthropology at American University in Washington, DC.

A few of my interests: urban studies (especially gentrification, space-making, and right to the city), immigrant studies, development, and informality (food trucks, the drug economy, more), underground hip hop. Jane Jacobs, David Harvey, Neil Smith, and Sudhir Venkatesh are a few of my heroes.

I am also a freelance writer and editor. Occasionally, I am quoted in things 🙂

I like verbal tomfoolery, urban gardening, vegan cookifyings, music, arts’n’crafts, crossword puzzles, making kombucha, and general subversiveness.

Songs that probably best describe my ethos: Slick Rick “Hey, Young World” and Fleetwood Mac “Sarah.” Find the poet in your heart. Never change and don’t you ever stop, Ponygirl 🙂

Don’t challenge me to a hip hop lyric quoting contest because you *will* lose.

I came to the United States from Bulgaria when I was 12–27 years ago (yes, I just dated myself). Like your typical transplant, I am a girl without a home. Still on my “geography of self” journey, sans Don Quixotian flights of fancy.

Drop me a note. Say hi. I would like that.

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