Another Earth Blurb For BYT’s Best Movies Of 2011

My blurb on Another Earth from the best of list:

Following in the other-worldly footsteps of Moon, Another Earth is another bright star in the thinking-man’s sci-fi constellation. It is metaphysical, minimalist sci-fi that combines a “high-concept” plot device [there is literally another Earth in the sky] with human drama. After all, isn’t science fiction’s purpose to reveal something to us about ourselves? Didn’t you learn that in your high-school English class? The movie’s concept of a parallel universe is a trenchant inquiry into the idea of self and the implications of rewriting history. Georgetown University graduate Brit Marling’s ethereal, luminous presence breathes dignity and a quiet resolve into what could otherwise have been a plaintive and downright emo character. There is a romantic longing thread throughout the movie, and the old adage about the greener grass is elevated to an existential quest for a better place: somewhere, anywhere away from what is the now, whether it’s in outer space or in another person’s arms. Another Earth is grounded in its human element, yet has enough of a flight of fancy to transport us to a different place.

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